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Why Wetech Rechargeable work light is so popular

Author:Wetech Electronic Technology Limited Click:146 Time:2020-06-10 10:53:02

Last week, we have just loaded 2000pcs 16W LED Portable Rechargeable Emergency Lamp to Europe. Even now is not busy season as most Europe customers are enjoying their summer holiday.

Here let me introduce why orders for portable rechargeable light with magnetic base are constantly:

1, Different option of charging port to meet all kind of requirement: AC/DC/USB...
Not only with AC and DC charger as most products in the market, we have upgraded our model and now support USB charging.

2, Over charging protection/over discharging protection: Wetech rechargeable lamp with protect board to protect the lithium battery and increase the life time

3, Short circuit protection: each battery light has add PTC thermistor to prevent overheating

That’ s why more and more customers will choose Wetech as their supplier. If you interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to leave us a message, all of us will continually provide full support!


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